Since 1985 professionals in electronic distribution

Our company

Covel was founded in Cittadella (PD) in 1985 by professionals with many years’ professional experience in the electronics sector.
Since 1994 Covel has been working in the Tombolo (PD) headquarters, mainly dealing with the distribution of active and passive electronic components, with the objective of providing the customer with an increasingly qualified and all round service.

In 2007 a new division was created, dedicated to LED lighting and, since then, it has been offering expertise in this continuously evolving and developing sector..
Today the company offers complete, skilled support in both fields.

Philosophy and principles

Covel’s structure is young and dynamic and its chief qualities are efficiency, competence and service. Its fundamental objective is to collaborate with the client in order to understand their problems and research solutions to them.

Key Strengths

Covel is able to promote and market active and passive components throughout the country with its own offices and direct agencies, ensuring the delivery of ready-tostock material within 24 hours. Thanks to its Design Center engineers and numerous contacts with leading manufacturers, it meets global demands and collaborates in the development of its customers' projects.

The Lighting division not only guarantees a stock of products, it also has its own in-house laboratory for the production of custom LED profiles for indoor, outdoor and interior design applications.

Offers and concrete services.

Covel distributes integrated and microcontrollers, passive and optoelectronic components, displays and liquid crystals, rectifiers and opto-isolators, resonators and quality quartzes. The service includes a good level of commercial and technical support, ensuring that its customers benefit from an extremely advantageous and consistent partnership.



Over 30 years of professional experience make us an ideal partner in the distribution of electronic components, semiconductors and lighting.
Our cross-sector knowledge ensures competitive response, reliable performance and high safety standards of the products supplied.



Wide product range, prompt responses, fast delivery: from technical consultancy to logistics we try to make the business processes lean and efficient, to favor the customer's production plans.



Whether they are components or products for lighting, COVEL is at the client complete disposal to study the most suitable technological solutions for each project. We specialize in product customization, especially in the field of visualization and lighting: we listen to your needs and give shape to your ideas.

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