Since 1985 professionals in electronic distribution


Over 30 years of professional experience makes us an ideal partner in the distribution of electronic components, semiconductors and lighting. Our cross-sector knowledge ensures a competitive response, reliable performance and high safety standards of the products supplied. view →


We offer a wide product range, prompt responses and fast delivery. From technical consultancy to logistics we try to make the business process lean and efficient, to favor the customer's production plans. view →


Whether for components or products for lighting, COVEL is always ready to help the client find the most suitable technological solutions for each project. We specialize in product tailoring, especially in the field of visualization and lighting: we listen to your needs and give shape to your ideas. view →

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Competence, innovation and professionalism: for over thirty years COVEL has been your partner in the supply of semiconductors. The company's core business is the supply of electronic components by COVEL, all of which are certified in accordance with the main quality standards and come from primary market houses. In addition to the supply of components COVEL provides full professional technical support, ensuring the maximum assistance even during the design phase of the product. A wide range of solutions, fast response and attention to logistics complete the service. An all-round solution provider to simplify the customer's product sourcing and guarantee the successful project design.


In 2007, thanks to expertise acquired in the electronics sector, COVEL founded the Lighting division, which is dedicated to the marketing and production of linear LED devices for indoor, outdoor and home decor application. The company always ensures that it keeps up to date with new types of LEDs, aluminum profiles and power supply and control systems. In this rapidly evolving sector, the company is the ideal partner for companies and entities operating in the lighting and interior and exterior design sectors. Our staff ensures professionalism and consultancy and is able to support and guide the customer in product selection and development. The in-house laboratory guarantees a "tailor-made" service with short delivery times and guaranteed quality. It also carries out resin-coating and sealing processes during the manufacture of outdoor products.

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